Friday, December 29, 2023

2023 resume

  • rewriting dbms_pipe and dbms_alert in orafce. Now the conditions variables are used (for synchronization)  instead timeouts, and the lags in the communication are significantly reduced,
  • fix pspg and PDCursesMod so pspg can be used with other curses than ncurses. Originally pdcurses didn't support stream redirection. Still only VT environment is supported (far target is support pspg on new Microsoft Windows terminal),
  • Rewriting background of profiler, tracer routines in plpgsql_check. Now related code is significantly more readable and more robust. I introduced new pldbgapi2 - it is based on old plpgsqlapi and fmgr hook. The advantage against plpgsqlapi2 is possibility to simply handle an exception,
  • tracing constants in plpgsql_check (for some simple cases) - it reduces some false alarms related to dynamic SQL, and related assert pragmas: assert-schema, assert-table and assert-column,
  • reorganization and minor refactoring long patches for postgres - mainly for support of session variables,
  • my patch of `filter` option for pg_dump was committed to upstream,
  • detection of opened cursors in plpgsql_check 


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