Friday, October 13, 2023

compiled dll of plpgsql_check 2.5.4 and Orafce 4.7.0 for PostgreSQL 15 and 16

I compiled and uploaded zip files with latest orafce and plpgsql_check for PostgreSQL 15 and PostgreSQL 16.


  1. download or and extract files
  2. copy related dll file to PostgreSQL lib directory (NN is number of pg release)
    orafce-NN.dll -> "c:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\NN\lib"
  3. remove suffix "-15" or "-16" from dll file
    orafce-NN.dll -> orafce.dll
  4. copy *.sql and *.control files to extension directory
    *.sql, *.control -> "c:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\NN\share\extension"
  5. execute with super user rights SQL command CREATE EXTENSION