Monday, December 20, 2021

2021 Resume

This year was not too good. Fortunately, I lost nobody from my family, but (unfortunately) my friends yes. I had not too much trainings, so there was more time to write code. 


  • clipboard support with CSV, text and INSERT formats
  • better handling mouse in xterm mode 1002
  • vertical scrollbar
  • possibility to select range for export
  • query stream mode
  • backslash commands supports
  • code re-factoring, and significant flickering reduction
  • export to program
  • switch to primary screen by ^o
  • progressive data loading
  • pretty printing of help texts
  • support for custom themes
  • new visual effects and possibility to read SQLcl output
  • kqueue (BSD) support
  • smooth horizontal scrolling


  • short syntax for pragma, pragmas TABLE and TYPE
  • little bit smarter check of format string used by format function in EXECUTE command
  • possibility to save execution's profile of aborted on cancelled function.



  • unistr in PostgreSQL 14
  • performance optimization of CALL command in PostgreSQL 14
  • possibility to use pspg together with \watch command (PSQL_WATCH_PAGER) in PostgreSQL 15
  • lot of revisions of patch for possibility to read options from file for pg_dump
  • significant refactoring of patch of implementation session variables

Some projects are very (too) long. But I hope, so they are near to final stage, and so next  year will be more time for more usual life, and less time for coding.