Sunday, May 17, 2020

pspg - two new features

I wrote two new features to pspg.

First feature is a option --skip-columns-like. Now, it can be used only for browsing csv or tsv documents. When this option is used, then specified columns (specified by substring of name) are not displayed. It can be useful for psql PostGIS data. More time some GEO data has not sense to display. If you have wide table with lot of columns, then can be nasty to write list of columns every time. Example

export PSPG="--skip-columns-like='geom$'

Then if you use psql, then you can write query like SELECT * FROM roads, and all columns like roads_geom will be removed from presented table. You have to switch output format to csv by \pset format csv (it is available from Postgres 12).

Second new feature is good for wide columns too. If you column is wide, and column name not, then you can see only white space and you have to scroll to left or to right to see column name. With last commit, the column name is almost all time visible - when it is possible.


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