Friday, March 27, 2020

pspg 2.7.0 with inotify support

Long time I am playing with psql and I try to enhance and fix some limits of this client. I like it. The work with this client is pretty fast, and with pspg the result's browsing is almost comfortable. But still there is disadvantage - is not possible to see result and query in one time, and isn't possible to work with more results in one time. But with new inotify support these limits are removed. You can create file that will be used as input/output buffer. Now start pspg with this file. When this file will be changed (by psql), then pspg reread this file immediately.

[pavel@nemesis ~]$ touch ~/r1
[pavel@nemesis ~]$ touch ~/r2
[pavel@nemesis ~]$ touch ~/r3

Then start in three terminals pspg (I use old terminator or new tilix)
[pavel@nemesis ~]$ pspg -f ~/r1
[pavel@nemesis ~]$ pspg -f ~/r2
[pavel@nemesis ~]$ pspg -f ~/r3

and now, you can play
postgres=# select * from pg_class \g ~/r1
postgres=# select * from pg_proc \g ~/r2
postgres=# select * from pg_database \g ~/r3

And I see queries and results


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