Wednesday, April 25, 2018

pspg 1.1 with readline support

I released new version of pspg. Last version has integrated readline library - now, the editing of searching stings is little bit more comfort and mainly, it is stored to persistent history file controlled by readline library.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

short notice - pspg has integrated readline library now

Today I integrated readline support to pspg. What it is mean? Better comfort when search string is entered and mainly, persistent history of searched strings.

Monday, April 9, 2018

New projects st-menu, st-term

I started two new projects: st-menu and st-term. These projects should to fill gap of Unix libraries. I was surprised, so there are not a components for nice look menus and for embedded terminal. It is small Unix tragedy. Although there is pretty strong terminal support - much better than old MS DOS terminals, there are only few nice look terminal applications - and there are not libraries. Some Turbo Vision like libs are dead. I like a TUI applications, but I have to say, there is zero progress in last ten years. Maybe pgcli and family applications try to use modern look. I have a idea of embedded old applications to new environment with possibility to customize menus, customize some hot keys. It can bring new energy to old (good) UNIX applications.

st-menu should to help with menus designed for CUA applications. st-term should to help with rich CLI TUI applications, where classic application like psql or mysql can be embedded to some environment and some tasks can be started from classic menu. Again, there is not any simple library for this purpose. Some libraries libtsm can help, but these libraries are generic and has a some issues with mouse.