Monday, October 19, 2015

Fedora 23 on Toshiba PORTÉGÉ - few unresolved issues

After years I have new notebook. The installation of Fedora 23 was without harder issues, and I am satisfied with this notebook. I found few issues, that I cannot to solve:

* sound - this issue is really strange - maybe it is PulseAudio issue. I am listening low noise from internal speakers. It is ok, when I am listing any sound. It is ok, when I disable sound. It is ok, if I use a external speakers. Working well in MS Win.

* a fan runs ever. This is known issue of Toshiba's notebooks. The usual control tools of fans doesn't work, and default configuration is not good (although it is safe). This behave can be changed in BIOS, but then the notebook is pretty slow. The noise is not too loud - but it is in higher tone than it is usual. Because it is working well in MS Win, I hope, this issue will be solvable.

* small artifacts in played video. Sometimes the video rendering is few miliseconds late. It isn't often - few times in ten minutes. I didn't test native Intel drivers yet.

These issues are small. All is working well with default configuration and default drivers (graphics, sound, wifi). This notebook has perfect display (with native resolution the Gnome 3 looks perfect), good keyboard, is really light.

Any hints how to fix these issues?